Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day of Fall -- Final Giveaway

Okay, this one has to be my last giveaway of the day, but there are going to be three prizes, so that makes up for it, right?  They're still fall themed.

Prize A:  The witch's hat pattern....
Prize B:  The owl hat pattern.....
Prize C:  The football beanie pattern....

Okay to enter this drawing, let's have a confession.  How many Sunset Crochet patterns do you already have or do you have on your wish list?  (Hehehehe....)

First Day of Fall -- Giveaway #3

My mom taught elementary school for 37 years.  At the beginning of the school year, she'd pick up big packages of candy corn.  They were a great treat that she could provide to keep her kids motivated.  For my whole childhood, I associated candy corn with back to school shopping, and I loved them.  Now that I associate them with Halloween, too, I just get to eat candy corn for a couple of months of celebrating instead of just one.  :)

To enter to win this prize, share your favorite fall color combo for hats/scarves/sweaters/whatever you're crocheting.   I just found the most elegant variegated yarn in fall colors.  It has a rich plum, a brick red, and a golden yellow that I adore.

The pattern is available at pattern-of-the-day pricing in the shop now, too.  Enjoy!

First Day of Fall -- Giveaway #2

Okay, the next pattern up for grabs is another fall special:  the apple of my eye hat.  This is perfect for apple picking, and visits to the apple farms for real cider and apple donuts.  Mmm.....My mouth is watering!

To enter, share a favorite apple treat.  I'm making apple cobbler for my family for dessert tonight.  Yum!  I'll top it off while it's still hot with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The pattern is available for $2 while the giveaway is on (and for about 10 minutes afterward....):  Apple pattern :)

First Day of Fall -- Giveaway #1

According to my calendar, yesterday was the first day of fall.  It's finally starting to feel like fall around here, too, and that just makes me happy!  This week, we picked apples at my mom's house and then dipped them in super-yummy caramel.  That's how we've kicked off our fall celebrations the last couple of years, and we love it.   To enter this hour's giveaway, share one of your favorite fall traditions....

Up for grabs first is the Pumpkin Beanie Pattern:

Drawing in an hour!  Good luck!  While the drawing is going on, the pattern will also be available on Etsy for just $2.50.  Get it here:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New pattern -- The Police Cap -- GIVEAWAY TODAY!

Last week, I had someone custom request a police cap pattern.  I used google images to find a ton of them, and realized that the most common features for all of the different forces that I saw were the flat top, 8 points around the edges, the brim, and the band around the bottom.  Oh, and a shield on the front.  So that's what I created.

Surprisingly, it took a lot of experimenting to get this pattern where I liked it!  That was mostly because the shaping on the points drove me crazy, but I think we're finally there.  

To enter to win the pattern, share what you're working on now (crochet or otherwise!).  :)