Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Pattern Package Giveaway -- WINNERS!

Everyone ready?  Here are the results!  

Our grand prize winner -- #37, SVG 1987.  
The Apple Hat -- #82, Cassie.  
The Black Cat -- #88, Gena McMillan.  
The Candy Corn -- #1, La Bella Mia.  
The Cyclops -- #56, putzgoettin.  
The Devil -- #41, Michelle Ray.  
The Horned Monster -- #17, Mother Dar Photography.  
The Pumpkin -- #57, Shell.  
The Witch -- #91, NMgal.  

Thanks everyone for playing!! Winners, please send me an email or an Etsy convo with your email address so I can send your prize.  J  

Oh yeah, one more thing.....  The pattern package with all 8 patterns is available on Etsy for $15 for just a few days.  


NMgal said...

not sure where to email my email address to. I will send an etsy convo...I am eyepray.

Michelle Ray said...

I'm not sure either lol!! And ETSY keeps giving me an error...may I leave my email here?

Bonnie said...

Michelle, that's fine. It's just so you don't have to make your email public that I suggest the Etsy convo. I'll get the pattern out as soon as I get your email address.

Michelle Ray said...
Thanks again, I'm so excited!!!

SVG1987 said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! im so excited!!! my email is I think i may have sent you an etsy convo but not sure i was on my phone. This is soo awesome :)