Monday, August 1, 2011

Giveaway #10: The big one....

Today's last giveaway is a big one.  I'm going to leave it up for a few hours just to ensure anyone who wants to participate has the opportunity to do so.

If you haven't yet taken advantage of the 4 patterns for $12 sale that's valid today only, be sure to take the opportunity.  When I go to bed tonight, that one disappears, and it won't be back until we hit another big landmark.  But this is where the big giveaway comes in.  I'm giving away one of those sets --  any 4 patterns you want -- to one lucky winner.

To enter, share what 4 you'd pick.  :)


Kristen said...

Hungry Catapillar Cacoon, Blue Bird Hat & Diaper Cover, Mickey & Minnie sets

Anonymous said...

The herringbone bootties, that cute chicken set, that striped hat I mentioned b4 and the giraffe set I think

Kristine said...

PDF 507: Soft Shells Ear Flap Hat and Diaper Cover with Carnation Crochet Pattern

PDF 496: Witch's Hat Crochet Pattern -- Sizes from Newborn to 3 years

PDF 487: Vintage Look Sock Monkey with Ear Flaps Crochet Pattern

PDF 494: Chunky Pixie Hat with Ribbon Trim Crochet Pattern - 3 sizes from newborn through age 3

Christina said...

Peacock shells afghan, Hungry caterpillar, mermaid set, and Bluebird girl set

Christine said...

I love all your patterns, but if I have to limit it to 4 I guess they would be (1) Neborn Stork Sack (2) Strawberry Shortcake Cloche and Cocoon (3) Buttercup Flower Hat and (4)honestly I think my #2 pick counts as 2. (if not then I would add the mermaid cocoon)!

Personalized From Me To You said...

new blue bird hat and diaper cover (my new favorite lol) witch hat, pumpkin hat and minnie mouse set

Katie Gillespie said...

Only 4 huh - I want these then:
PDF 485 - Cross Stitch Cloche Hat
PDF 560 - Garden Party Newborn Booties
PDF 464 - Brown Eyed Boy Brimmed Beany
PDF 507 - Soft Shells earflap hat

Stephanie Kline said...

I would pick the cream/green slippers, blue/purple flower mary jane's, blue bird hat & diaper set, and a girly hat with a flower on it.

TiffanyL said...

baby bow tie and diaper cover, buttercup flower, chunky summer stocking cap, and Cluster Stitch Ear Flap Hat Pattern with Large Pom Poms and Diaper Cover

Jessica said...

Herringbone Set, Cream Swirls Cocoon, Green Daisies Cocoon, and Puffy Cluster V Newsboy

SVG1987 said...

Peacock shells afghan, blue bird hat and diaper set, mermaid and headband set and pineapple afghan

Jennifer said...

Herringbone hat and booties, Butterfly kisses cloche and cocoon, soft shells earflap hat and diaper cover, and Elizabeth's blessing/christening dress

Francie said...

PDF 487: Vintage Look Sock Monkey with Ear Flaps Crochet Pattern

PDF 558: Santa's Hat and Leg Warmers Crochet Pattern

PDF 446: Long Tailed Elf Hat with Stripes All the Way Down the to the Tassel -- Crochet Pattern -- Sizes from newborn to 3 years

The birdie hat that's in giveaway 9

Debbie said...

Witches hat
Micky and Minnie set
Cute Chicken
Chunky summer stocking cap
Thanks for the nice giveaway!

Ashley said...


*Brandi* said...
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Angela L. said...

blue bird hat and diaper cover set
giraffe hat
mermaid cocoon and headband set and
santa hat and leg warmer set. I think lol!

jeni said...

sock monkey hat, minnie set, new bluebird set and candy stripe cloche. All your patterns are so cute!

Michele said...

All of your patterns are amazing but if I had to narrow it down I guess it would be
PDF 213: peacock shells blanket
PDF 551: mermaid cocoon
PDF 202: heritage lace afghan
PDF 493: pumpkin patch beanie

joyfullhomemaker said...

Storck pouch, butter cup hat, santa hat, baby tennis shoe booties.

traceyz said...

mickey and minnie sets, giraffe set and sock monkey!

BBBCrochet said...

PDF 515 - Cluster Stitch Ear Flap
PDF 433 - Layers of Ruffles
PDF 429 Purple Fixed Bow
PDF 507 - Soft Shells Ear Flap

Tricia said...

The choices are so hard! 484, 402, 511, & 515 would be my first choices, though I would have to go back for more!

Beccy said...

Lime sherbet herringbone hat
Sweet pea hat
Bluebird hat & ruffled diaper cover
& Chunky summer stocking cap

Anonymous said...

Cream swirls cocoon
Heritage lace square baby afghan
Garden party botties
Tweed newborn bowl

Amy Koepke said...

Pumpkin Patch Beanie Hat
Stork Sack
Soft Shells Hat and Flower
Buttercup Flower Cloche Hat

*Brandi* said...

PDF 551: Mermaid Cocoon and Headband Crochet Pattern - Photography Prop

The furry Giraffe hat and diaper cover

PDF 528: Little Lionheart Ear Flap Hat and Diaper Cover Crochet Patterns

The little blue bird hat

Cassie said...

507-soft shells
510-stoek sack
528-lion set
I love so many patterns but these would be my first picks for sure!

We are the Padron's said...

Pumpkin hat
Butterfly kisses
Santa hat & leg warmers
Easy sneakers

So many choices!!! I narrowed it down as far as I possibly could!!!

thank you thank you thank you for this GENEROUS offer!!!

steve13amanda said...

Soft Shells Earflap hat and diaper cover

Brown eyed boy brimmed beanie newsboy hat and diaper cover

Newborn stork sack crochet pattern

Baby hammock

OreosforBreakfast said...

AHH! So hard to pick! I can't decide!

The four I would choose are:

Butterfly Kisses Cloche and Cocoon
Giraffe Beanie and diaper cover
Minnie Look-alike (my fav)
Layers of Ruffles hat

They are all so cute and amazing, I'm just learning to crochet and any would be so much fun to try out :)

Tams said...

1. Soft shells ear flap and diaper cover
2. Dazzling diamonds stork set
3. Mermaid cocoon and headband
4. Minnie look alike hat and skirt

The Rudzek Family said...

What an incredible giveaway!!!

baby boy blue
long braided tail
dazzling diamonds
giant giraffe beanie and diaper cover

Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Crystal said...

the cluster stitch bowl, newborn stork, witch hat, and the green daisy cocoon

Becky said...

blue bird set, minnie mouse set, very hungry caterpillar, and the mickey mouse set

Jillian said...

Cupcake hat, bluebird hat with diaper cover, cloche with ballerina booties and the minnie mouse set!

Jami said...

Pumpkin patch hat, Long Braided tail hat, Little lion heart hat & diaper cover set, and the Santa Hat & Leg warmer set.

~Amanda~ said...

cupcake hat, the little birdy hat, the bluebird combo, the little bear hat

Jenni said...

what are the odds I will win this time around? ;) Let's see...I would want the witches hat, the blue bird, the santa set with leg warmers and butterfly kisses set! Here's to hoping I win!

Joannabella said...

Santa Hat and leg warmers, witches hat, Cloche and ballering booties, and layers of ruffles hat, truely hard to pisk so many cute designs.

Jenny said...

1. Soft Shells earflap hat
2. Santa's Hat and Leg Warmers Crochet Pattern
3. Blue Bird hat & diaper set
4. Hungry Catapillar Cccoon set

rattimoth said...

I missed the other giveaways as I live in outback australia and was asleep, but this one is EASY, as I made my list already and was going to buy them when I woke up hehehe

curly twirly tails cap
bow tie and diaper cover set (oh this is too cute for words!)
butterfly kisses cocoon set (how dainty and old fashioned, I LOVE IT)
peek a boo toes booties

Can't wait to get these, so it doesn't matter if I win :>

Seek peace

Chief Alchemist

BrandiJ said...

Santa Hat & Leg Warmers
Bluebird Hat and Ruffled Diaper Cover
Herringbone Hat and Booties
Stork Sack

Serenity said...

Only 4??
So hard!!

Green Daisies Newborn Cocoon Photography Prop
Irish Swirls Brimmed Beanie Newsboy Hat and Diaper Cover
Basketweave Hat Crochet Pattern
Lime Sherbet Herringbone Look Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern with Flower

CraftyLatin Mama said...

PDF 538: Cream Loops
PDF 446: Long tailed elf
PDF 551: Mermaid Cocoon
PDF 487: Vintage Look Sock Monkey Hat

i hope i win... so exciting..

Grantham Crochets said...

214 407 493 557


Shelly said...

minnie or mickey
dazzling diamonds
hungry caterpillar

Reann said...

Frosting swirls hat, cream rose newborn slippers, cross-stitch cloche hat, and zig-zag beanie with rose.


Dmm0329 said... hard to pick only four.

Buttercup Flower Cloche
Pumpkin Patch Beanie
Soft Shells Baby Ear Flap Hat
Giraffe Set

shallonv said...

It would be fun to win these:

mermaid cocoon
pixie bell hatgarden party newborn shoes
buttercup flower hat

Tera said...

1- 521 Green Daisies
2- 559 Christmas Leg Warmers
3- 505 Layers of Ruffles
4- Brimmed Ripple St Beanie

Jenny said...

I would like all booties.
556 single ruffle
540 baby cross stitch
545 peek a boo toes
537 baby loafers

Kelly said...

There are so many great patterns it is hard to choose just 4, but the 4 that I want the most would be:

1. Easy Perfect Plaid Baby Afghan (PDF 210)

2. Easy Squares Baby Afghan (PDF 203)

3. Heritage Lace Square Baby Afghan (PDF 202)

4. Floating Squares Baby Afghan (PDF 214)

J.Jones said...

Do you know how hard it is just to pick 4 patterns? OMG I want them all! This would be so awesome if I was the lucky winner!

Soft Shells Ear Flap Hat and Diaper Cover with Carnation Crochet Pattern

Butterfly Kisses Newborn Cloche and Cocoon Crochet Pattern -- Photography Prop

Cluster Stitch Ear Flap Hat Pattern with Large Pom Poms and Diaper Cover

Eensy Weensy Spiders Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

Anonymous said...

PDF 428
PDF 472
PDF 553
PDF 469

Sam said...

ruffles beanie and hat
wise old owl beanie
double tassel square hat
pixie hat and bootie
pleeeeaaaaaassseee LOL

Lori G said...

They're all so cute! Ok, here goes:

PDF 507 Soft Shells Ear Flap Hat and Diaper Cover with Carnation
PDF 493 Pumpkin Patch Beanie Hat
PDF 528 Little Lionheart Ear Flap Hat and Diaper Cover
Super adorable new Bluebird Hat and Ruffled Diaper Cover!

Ashley B said...

soft shells earflap, lamb hat, buttercup, and floppy bunny ears!

Blessedbabs said...

And the bluebird set...I know that's five, but I just can't choose 4!

Katherine said...

This is hard because I want all of your patterns.
I would love the little birds that you have that are new. The new booties also. These would be great for our photography business. Also there is one that I can't remember the name of but it's a set, diaper cover and hat. So pretty and would be really cute on a little one. I would have to show it to you. I'm so dense this afternoon, sorry.

Misia Pepa Adventures said...

Not easy, I love all your patterns. I would start with #407 Cluster Stich Hat w/ No sew Flower, # 527 Boy brimmed beanie & diaper cover, #507 Soft Shells ear flap w/ carnation, and # 403 brimmed ripple stitch

Mindy said...

Ooooo! Wowza!!...ok, so I would pick the Christmas legwarmers & hat, that gorgeous white lacy wrap (the one with the baby sleeping on the scale and the flower on top), the soft shell hat and flower from earlier, and......any of the stork swings or cocoons...I love all of them...would be Thrilled with any of em!! crossing my fingers!...and toes....and eyes....

Mindy said...

and then I'm gonna do the Happy Happy Dance!!

Brenda said...

I have already bought 6 of your patterns but haven't had the time yet to try them!! If I win I would love to have:
#459 Baby Boy Football Beanie
#428 Soft Shells Hat & Flower
#456 Lime Sherbet Herringbone Look Beanie with Flower
#513 Lime Cordial Shell Edged Hat & Diaper Cover with Rose

Thanks for having these great give-aways today!! A very nice thing to do!! Keep up the wonderful designing also..

A Lil' Loopy said...

So hard!

Soft shells earflap hat & diaper cover
Herring bone Set
Buttercup flower hat
Hungry catepillar set

Birdnest Creations said...

I would want
mickey and minnie sets,
giraffe set
ruffles beanie and hat

Chasity said...

pdf 549 minnie set
pdf 404 little miss muffet
pdf 427 little bear
pdf 515 cluster stitch set

i'm going to buy these just in case so if i win i'll have to pick different ones LOL

Deborah Bone said...

Soft shells hat and flower
Cluster stitch ear flap hat and diaper cover
Bluebird hat and diaper cover
Fringed Baby Blanket

Jen Mott said...

There are so many adorable ones but.....I would love 560, 537, 426, and 442!!

ErinGain said...

My Very Hungry Caterpiller for sure!!!, Shell Stitch Double Pom-Pom Jester Hat, Baby Cross-Stitch Crochet Booties, Textured Candy Stripe Ear Flap Hat!!!

but i love so many more!

Crystal said...

PDF 414: Elegant White Baby or Child Crochet V-Stitch Hat and Flower Pattern

PDF 541: Cross Stitch Cloche and Matching Booties Crochet Pattern

PDF 450: Floppy Ear Peter Rabbit Crochet Hat Pattern

PDF 513: Lime Cordial Shell-Edged Hat and Diaper Cover with Rose Crochet Pattern

There are so many to chose from and I want them all but if I had to chose I would pick the ones above! Thanks for all the giveaways today! You all are awesome!

Nichole said...

Hungry Caterpillar Cocoon,Buttercup Flower Cloche Hat, Long Braided Tail Striped Crochet Hat, Brown-Eyed Boy Brimmed Beanie Newsboy Hat and Diaper Cover

Sarah said...

I just love everything! love the layers of ruffles hat and bum cover! the butterfly kisses hat and cocoon, and just about everything!!

Beth said...

Must haves in the near future!!!....Buttercup flower cap...vertical ridges pixie stocking cap....and the cross stitch cloche and booties! : )

Debbie said...

Ok, here goes...
Santa Hat & Leg Warmers
Fun Striped Elf Hat
Ruffled Pixie Shoes
Diamond Stork Sack
...I've got my fingers (and everything else) crossed! LOVE LOVE LOVE your patterns. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME♥

Nancy said...

I have so many of your patterns but I do like the new blue bird hat and diaper cover set, witch hat, pumpkin hat for halloween and minnie mouse set.

Monica @ BellinaOriginals said...

So many great patterns. I like the stocking cap, the stork sack, the owl hat and the blue birdie beanie.

Christine said...

soft shell earflap hat with diaper cover
the blue bird set
The herringbone hatand hmm the green daisy cocoon I think

There is so much I love, its hard to decide

jdjohnson78 said...

Hungry Caterpillar, mickey and minnie, and the blue bird! Maybe, there are so many to choose from!!! I love them all!

Cindy said...

I love the little bird, and any hat patterns you have would make me happy

Jan said...

Well I have lots of them lets see what other one I need added to my collection...

PDF 541: Cross Stitch Cloche and Matching Booties Crochet Pattern -- Flower Pattern included

PDF 486: Baby Cupcake Hat with Ear Flaps Crochet Pattern

PDF 496: Witch's Hat Crochet Pattern -- Sizes from Newborn to 3 years

PDF 558: Santa's Hat and Leg Warmers Crochet Pattern

Wow that wasn't easy!

Jen said...

Off the top of my head:
Soft Shells Earflap Set
Pumpkin Patch Beanie
Buttercup Flower Hat
Cluster Stitch Earlap

but of course....that's just the first 4! theres quite a few more on this list!!!

Stacey Chaffee said...

The buttercup flower, lime cordial shell hat and cover set, mickey set and the yellow daisy sun hat :)

Debbie said...

its hard to pick love all your patterns. blue loopy bowl, and the newborn lace cocoon.....

EmberlynRayne said...

what an awesome giveaway!!
i would pick
PDF 541: Cross Stitch Cloche and Matching Booties Crochet Pattern
PDF 492: Buttercup Flower Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern
PDF 506: Cream Swirls Cocoon Crochet Pattern
PDF 469: Chunky Summer Stocking Cap


c robb said...

I love 492, 496, 546,493

Lindsay said...

484, 213, 471**, & 511

KarrieSue said...

Definitely the Caterpillar, and the new ones you came out with recently. The chickie, Mickey and Minnie. :)

elexis_love said...

I'd love the...
1. witch hat (:
2. blue bird!
3. soft shell earflap
4. and the cluster stitch earflap!

Yay! I hope i win (:

Lisa said...

Hard to decide!
Cross Stitch Cloche & Booties set
Baby Pigtails hat
Cluster Stitch hat and diaper cover set
Blue Bird hat

Anonymous said...

I would pick the ballet set, the lime cordial cloche hat and diaper cover, Soft shell earflap hat and diaper cover, and the cluster stitch earflap hat. Crossing my fingers!

Joey said...

1.PDF 541: Cross Stitch Cloche and Matching Booties Crochet Pattern -- Flower Pattern included
2.PDF 505: Layers of Ruffles Cloche with Ruffle Bum Diaper Cover Crochet Pattern
3.PDF 504: Newborn Sling Crochet Pattern
4.PDF 403: Brimmed Ripple Stitch Beanie with Small Flower Crochet Hat Pattern - Multiple sizes from newborn through adult

I hope I win Whoop Whoop!!!

Rachel Jaques said...

and 548!

Bonnie said...

Drum roll please.... #49, shallonv, you're the grand prize winner for today.

Lori G said...